Ground Anchors

  • Oxford AnchorForce Ground Anchor

    Oxford AnchorForce Ground Anchor

    The AnchorForce is an extra strong bolt-down ground anchor. With a hardened steel construction providing a secure anchor point for all chains and cable locks. Having been rigorously tested the AnchorForce it achieved the new Sold Secure Diamond ratingKey...
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  • Oxford TerraForce Ground Anchor

    Oxford TerraForce Ground Anchor

    • Sold secure approved to Motorcycle DIAMOND (Resists angle grinder attack)•Case hardened concrete-in steel floor anchor. • Simple and easy to fit, most DIY stores now supply ready-mixed concrete that you just add water to.• All necessary fittings...
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  • Oxford Beast Ground Anchor

    Oxford Beast Ground Anchor

    Some say that size doesn’t matter. When it comes to locks, chains and anchors it matters! The Oxford BEAST is so big it comes with a health warning on the box: WARNING – HEAVY! With the Beast Lock and Chain being so big and strong you need something...
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  • Oxford Docking Station Anchor

    Oxford Docking Station Anchor

    The Oxford Docking Station is the ultimate wall and ground anchor. It is made from forged hardened steel and incorporates it's own in-built locking bar to retain a chain. To fit a chain for the first time, simply unlock, unscrew a small retaining screw,...
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  • Oxford RotaForce Ground Anchor

    Oxford RotaForce Ground Anchor

    Rotaforce is a bolt down rotating ground anchor. Its unique rotating head allows easy fitment and much better bike positioning. The Rotaforce has been independently and rigorously tested and obtained Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold and SBSC Certifierad...
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